H1B COS from L1A, donot want to join H1B

Hi Saurabh

I have a H1b COS approved (Effective Oct 1)while i am in US on L1A currently.I donot want to join the H1B and like to continue on L1A.I understand my status will be no more on L1A from Oct 1.How do i retain it? I donot want to inform H1B sponsor.Pls suggest.



As long as your payroll is being run by your L1 employer, you dont have to worry…you should simply continue working with your L1 employer to retain (given that your L1 has validity)

This is not true.

You have 2 options:

  1. Leave US prior to Oct 1 and then return on your L-1 visa after Oct 1

  2. File COS from H-1 to L-1A after Oct 1 while continuing to stay in US