H1b COS - 2 petitions (1 cap exempt) - dilemma regarding joining dates


I am working on L2 EAD on a travel role in NY. My employer filed a H1 COS starting from Oct 1 which got approved.

I got a good offer locally in DC and keen on pursuing it. The new employer have filed a cap-exempt H1 with start date as Oct 1.

Assuming the approval comes say on 30th Sept for this petition, I will have to serve 15-day notice at current employer which will differ my joining at new employer to Oct 15th.

My question is, can i work for current employer till Oct 14th(Oct 1-14th on old H1 petition) and then join new employer on Oct 15th(with new H1 petition)? Please help. I am confused if this is legal.



I think, it is legal. No issues.