H1B Consular Interview - Singapore

Hi, Can you please advice if I can attend H1B interview at Singapore US consulate as there is a very long wait in India. Just wanted to know if I can get interviewed outside my home country?

If the Singapore US Consulate allows third country nationals, you can. For this, you need to write to or call the Singapore Consulate and get confirmation. Do update the community, after you check with the US consulate for everyone benefit.

Actually, I have attended my 1st time H1B visa interview on 2012 at Singapore. I really had bad experience and not suggested to go there for 1st time stamping. For me they have never asked any questions and issued white slip 221G by saying unable to issue the visa and denied. The same week I attended the visa, I was discussing with 4 guys thru forum who have attended H1B interview at Singapore. 3 of them visas are denied and for one guy they have asked some additional documentation. Not sure what happened after that for that guy. Again all these happened on 2012. Take your decision carefully.

Since my visa denied in 2012, I applied again in 2014 & attended visa interview at Mumbai consulate and got the approval(Employer who applied h1b was same in 2012 & 2014)

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