H1B - Client Changed during RFE , Need Help!

Hi All,

When my h1b filed, I was working for a client A through my employer. But I got RFE, and eventually my client has changed to Client B .

Client A is not ready to provide client letter, and I got only BRM letter , SOW and MSA from client A . I have submitted the RFE docs without client letter.

My new client(Client B) is on same city as client A(Dublin,Ohio,USA) . so would it require LCA or H1 amendment ?

Please let me know what are the chances that my petition gets approved ? and before stamping should I go for LCA or H1 amendment since current and previous client city is same. Thanks for your help and time . !

No one knows for sure about the chances of approval. In some cases client letter is not important while in others it is very important. Regarding H1 amendment, if the job requirements are significantly different or if the location has changed(even if its a different office in the same city) then it is advisable to file for it.

Thanks ankit . just one more question , may look so silly , can I do lca or amendment before stamping , i.e., with new client ,? (And then go for stamping)

Yes you can do that. But remember the LCA posting and H1 amendment are done by the employer not by the employee.

Thanks a Lot! , Much appreciated your help!