H1B Clarification

Hi Team,

I got an offer the US company and wanted me to join in 2 months. Currently, I am holding a B1/B2 visa. Can I travel to tge US while I get my H1B visa? If, so theb would it have any impact on my H1B visa process. Will there be any concerns while traveling to the US on my B1/2 visa with an offer from the US company? What is the processing time to get the H1B visa?


There may be an issue. Since B1/B2 are special purpose visas for a temp visit to US on business or tourism purpose, your other parellel H visa petition indicates your Employment seeking intent. While B visas would be issued for non-employment intent(visit or temp business travel purpose). These both work opposite. So, H1 processing could impact/be impacted with your B visa travel.