H1B check format

Hi All, i have a doubt regarding the CHECK format submitted for H1B. In USCIS website, it is mentioned that the “Cents amount in check should be written as fractions (00/100)”. However, my employer mentioned as 00 cents and not as 00/100. Also, the amount is not indicated to the right of AMOUNT field. It is rather indicated below the AMOUNT field.

The check is valid and has been used for all vendors by my employer. So, i am sure that it wont bounce. But, do USCIS treat it differently?

I know this question might sound silly, but wondering if anyone had impact due to this? (because the attorney asked to change the format, but the employer couldn’t, as the checks are pre-programmed)

Also, when exactly USCIS reviews the documents? the moment they receive it or once the lottery is over?