H1B Change of Employer with old Amendment 1 approval & current Amendment 2 pending


I am currently in US with Employer A and below are the sequence of events with regard to my question:

1.I have a valid visa till June 2019 with my initial petition with Employer A Client A valid till June 2019.
2.During Nov 2018, I moved to Employer A Client B with H1B amendment 1 (cum extension) and got RFE in Jan 2019.
3.After responding to RFE in April 2019, I moved back to Employer A Client A (Original Petition) for a different project with a new Amendment 2(In progress).
4.Meanwhile H1B Amendment 1 got approved for Employer A Client B till June 2021(with I94 valid till July 2021).
5.H1B Amendment 2 for Employer A Client A on top of 4 is in progress
6.Please note that currently I am with Client A which is in different state from Client B(that got approved)

With current Amendment(2) pending for Employer A Client A(previous I94 valid till June 2019) and my old amendment(1) approval with Employer A Client B(I94 valid till June 2021) Can I change my employer(new job) by filing a new Amendment?

Can any of the immigration experts help me answer the above question?


  1. When your amendment1 got approved, you MUST work for Client B but you are currently working for Client A - This may be illegal.
    I know that Amendment B is meant for Client A but that was filed while you are working with Client A(which is the outcome of your mess.)
  2. REGARDLESS of all above, as long as you are being paid by your current employer, you can have another US employer file a new (non-quota) H1 petition for you.