H1B - Change of employer - Stamping Needed ?


I am bit confused reading all blogs about change of employer and Stamping.

My Scenario is as below.

I am with employer A since May 2011 and would like to change it to B. At the same time I forsee some uncertanities in future in which I have to Travle to India and come back… may be once or twice. I have heard that if I change my employer and go to india , I have to go for stamping ? Is this mandatory ? From the blogs I read that if fine to have valid VISA with old company name with new company petition. If this is the case then can it create any problem at the Point of Entry. If I have to go for stamping there might be again risks to get rejected.

Let me know what can be best option to play safe.


IMO, you don’t need to get another visa stamp as long as the previous visa stamp is still valid. You can return on previous visa stamp and new employer’s approved petition.