H1B-Case was Denied - MTR - Updated Online Again

My I-129 was denied on last July and case status was "Decision Notice Mailed”.
After this I applied for Motion To Reopen as well. Now I am waiting for their decision.
But today my old case status got changed to “Case was Denied”. see the screenshot below,

Does this means my MTR is denied as well?

Please shed some light on this status.

It could be very likely that MTR was denied. In general the odds of success are around 3% or less…Having said that online status is not fully reliable, I would suggest you talk to your attorney and check with him on the physical copy of the decision.

Hi Kumar,
Thanks for the response. Also I gone through one of your article regarding Status meaning. But couldn’t find any status like “case was Denied”.


I saw the same with my old receipt number on sept 4 but haven’t received any letter yet. Just wanted to check , the date on your old receipt, is it still the same date when your I-129 got denied or it has been updated to recent date ?

i m not a lawyer yet this is what i believe based on what i saw with my own cases…
This message says “on june 26, we denied”.

So this means that this is the decision as of june 26 that you are able to see not any other decision taken after.
Sadly, whatever happens with our cases is not always uptaded on the website .

Just to give you an example, my petition was approved beginning of september, the website egov.uscis.gov you are referring to does not reflect this approval, just that they received my case on august 8.

There is this other website that i came accross as well myaccount.uscis.gov. 2 years ago this one showed things that the other did not yet this time around, it shows the same thing as the other one
Yet maybe try and see if you see something different.

Good luck with the visa process!!! Hope you ll get what you want!


Its showing the old date. Only thing changed is the Heading.

@lily18, I think you are right. Now I checked my very first denial status and the heading for this changed as well to “Case was denied”. So this is clear that the header change has nothing to do with my MTR processing.

Thanks for giving me some hope to wait…

how long have you been waiting for i20b? I am in a same situation like yours, keep posted if u hear anything and I will do the same

@binu_anc did you get any update on your case? Mine old receipt was also changed to case denied from decision notice mailed on sept 4, but since then I haven’t received any letter or change in my Case status . Could you share yours

@Sanzee0099, Till date no change in status.