H1b Case updated and It says "My Name Was Updated"

Hi All,

Filed my H1b this year and it got picked. On may 31st status was changed stating that it is moved to another office for process. Almost after 2 months today July 29 the status got changed to “My Name Was Updated”. I have read few blogs online and some say you might get and RFE or Approval or they say that someone is working on your application and it is common to change the status to the above. It is really confusing and not sure as what should I expect. I did reach out to my employer and he said he has not raised any request for Name change. He spoke to them and they informed the same as what it is showing on the USCIS website. Also some say that the status might change in an hour or two or a month or not sure. So if anyone in the same situation please let me know your status and what to expect at this point of time.


A decision has occurred in your case. You will be updated by mail.

Thank You for your response.

Hi rajparsi. I have the same status since Oct 11. Did you get your response?

I have received RFE and it is responded. Waiting for decision.


Status show RFE responded and working on your case. Have you received any update on the same. Its been 3 Months and 15 days that my employer responded to RFE. Suspense is killing.


Have you received any update?