H1B case status still as case was received and it's November now. Is there any chances of getting my case approval


My case was received on April 12 2018 and the Case Status is showing still as Case Was Received. And it’s November 2018 already. What what would be the chances of getting my case status. Should I keep waiting.

Please let me know on this…

Thank you in advance !!

Unfortunately, there is no set SLA from USCIS and there is no premium processing as well until next February 2019. So, it is state of many of the H1B applicants filed in April 2018. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do other than waiting for your case decision. You can ask your attorney to raise a H1B processing times - why FY 2019 delay

mine too case received on 12th April 2018, but no update till now, Do you have any update on yours??

[Surendar08] do yo have any update my status also the same.

still the same case received…

Yes I got an update from the USCIS last month as approved. I did premium.

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Congrats Dude , DO you mind to share the date?

You mean you filed your application on April 2018, and you got approved this April 2019?

@rickgrey Yes, got it by March of 2019