H1B case is still in Initial review

Hi All,

My case is still in Initial Review with below information. Any one have the same status and any idea when this will be processed. I heard from people that USCIS should make a decision before OCT 1 -2013, is that right? Any way to track the status by calling USCIS, mine is WAC***..

"On May 31, 2013, your address was changed relating to the I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER that you filed."

Thanks in Advance!!

No, there is nothing that says that USCIS will make a decision by October 1st, 2013. Calling USCIS will not help much, but worth a shot.

There is no defined time set for USCIS to process the H1B petitions. It could be frustrating to see that your case is in Initial review, just need to wait my friend ! 

 Read this article   [H1B Visa Processing time by USCIS ](http://redbus2us.com/uscis-h1b-visa-2014-regular-processing-time-premium-processing-faqs/)