My i797 petition for H1b was filed in february 2010 and visa stamped in apr 2010 . I travelled to usa on sep 2010 and stayed for 1 year and returned to home country in oct 2011. Again in oct 2013 my employer filed me L1 blanket visa , In that i travelled to usa on oct 2013 and am currently staying here . clarifying my below questions will be very helpful to me .

  1. Am i eligible for cap exempt ?

  2. if yes how much time is available to file my H1B cap exempt?

  3. how much does it cost to file H1B cap exempt?

  4. what are the documents needed to be submitted ?

5.H1B cap exempt can be filed with different employer?

  1. any hidden rules that i must be aware of H1B cap exempt?

  2. if my H1B cap exempt is approved how much time i get to stay in usa?

thank u very much for spending time to read this , any help by answering these question will be much appreciated .

  1. Yes

  2. Oct 2017 (6 years from your last return date from US on H-1B)

  3. All costs need to be paid by employer. I think it costs them around 2000 USD + attorney fees

  4. Same as your initial H-1 petition. In addition, you would need 797 receipt for old H-1, I-94 copy, visa stamp copies, payslips etc

  5. Yes

  6. No hidden rules

  7. You will be eligible to stay for 6 years minus time spend inside US on H-1 visa minus time spend inside US on L-1 visa

thank u very much for quick response