I’m in a delimma and need to make some URGENT decisions based on the outcome.

My H1B petition was valid from 10/01/2006 to 09/30/2009.It got approved and I also got H1b stamped (never travelled on it though).

My question: “When we say cap-exempt FOR SIX YEARS”. Do I count 6 years from 10/01/2006 OR 09/30/2009 in my case??

Please, please, I’m waiting for some urgent help from you all members. Hope you understand, its Real Important for me !!

You are not cap exempt . Its 6 yrs from petition approval date which is 10/01/2006.

Mr Rao, I’m really confused. I was referring to your earlier post from which I understood “its 6 years from date of expiry”. Link below. Please, let me know if I’m missing something here?


Please read my other post carefully . I have said 6 yrs from day of last valid stay in the US .I have never said date of expiry.

In your case you never stayed in the US , so for you it would be 6 yrs from date of approval.