H1B Cap Exempt petition has gone to RFE. Reason for RFE?


Hi, i got my old H1B visa petition approved from Oct 2012 to Dec 2013. However due to unknown issues, i did not receive my approval notice/information about my H1B approved petition until MAY 2012 from USCIS. After i received the notice, i got my visa stamped and travelled to US in Aug 2013.

I immediately applied for an H1B extension which went for RFE. My employer had taken 3 months to reply back to the RFE and a month after submitting the RFE documents, my extension got denied and i had to travel back to India in May 2014. Now i have applied for H1B CAP EXEMPT with the same employer and client. Though we have provided all the documents like manager and client letter, this petition has again been sent to RFE. RFE documents required are the manager’s letter and client’s letter which has already been provided. I’m afraid if this petition will be denied since all the documents were provided earlier. Any idea why USCIS sends my case always to RFE?


Hi Soozi, i am having the same situation. Could you please tell me the outcome for the same? What was the final decision on your cap exampt RFE?




It did get approved…al d best, urs will also get approved if manager’s letter is provided…


Thx, soozi,

You mean client letter right? Could you also tell me what all the que you have been asked during stamping by counselor.



Hi Soozi
I got my approval as well, going for stamping after two weeks, could you please tell me what kind of que they have asked you during interview.
Did they asked about your previous denial/RFE?

Ajay Pandey


Hi Ajay,
I got the same case. Can you please guide me what additional documents you submitted.


Hi Kunal,

It was just valid client letter. No special question during interview.



Thanks Ajay,

But I have already submitted client letter during Non cap H1b filing. Got RFE asking supporting documents like detail project overview, Work order from client pertaining to complexity of work which we have submitted earlier. Now we are submitting project overview, detailed qualification and how it is benefical for job.

Any guidance from your side.