H1B Cap exempt or fresh

My H1 B visa was approved on 16/10/2006 to 01/10/2009. I traveled to US on 24/02/2007 to 01/07/2007. I would like to get information about my eligibility under the H1B Cap Exempt. Please let me know i am eligible for cap exemption during a renewal.

You are no longer eligible for cap exempt H1 since your H-1 petition was approved more than 6 years before. You should have applifed for a fresh H1 before August 2012 for getting counted for H1B Cap Exempt. You now need to apply fresh H1 on April 2015.

P.S. It’s not a legal advice, it’s my opinion.

Thanks. I heard its counted from the visa expiry date and not approved date though not sure. Also i havent used the 3 years allowed. Hence this question.

You may try your luck though; there is concept called ‘GRANTED’ & it’s purely under discretion of USCIS. You may seek advice from an immigration attorney.

Thanks a lot. I tried to contact India US service desk and they advised to contact USCIS and when I checked the contact mail id of USCIS I’m unable to find a number or mail id… Can you please help…

To the best of my knowledge and seen 2 of my colleagues whose H1B expired in Sep-2009 and they applied and got H1B approved cap exempt.

Best Wishes.