h1b cap exempt old h1b petition

Hi All

This confusion is since I read some of the post that approved H1B is only valid for 6 years and new duration of h1b pettion will depend upon that.

I am in US for last 1 year with L1B company A. Company B is proccessing my H1B. Suppose it isapproved…I understand that total number of stay can be L1+H1 will not exceed 6 years

But If I have to move out before 1st Oct 2013 and then I do not get the H1B stamped for more than 1 year.

And If Company C files for my H1 under cap exempt

Q) Will it be for 6 Years or still my L1 stay count?

Since I do not get H1B stamped I assume having approved petition do not count as the days.

Yes, it will. The clock is reset only if:

  • you stay outside of US before the next petition is filed

  • your new H-1 petition is subject to cap and not cap-exempt