H1B Cap Exempt filing at Nebraska center

Hello Everyone,

My H1B extension got denied recently and moved back to India. I have used 4.5 yrs of H1 and eligible for H1B new under cap exempt to use remaining 1.5 yrs. My employer has filed new H1 under this category and case is with Nebraska center now. Can someone please let me know if this case is eligible to file at Nebraska? I was under the assumption that this should be filed at CSC. Appreciate your comments… FYI, I am yet to get receipt notice.

Thanks in Advance

Why do you think it has to be filed at CSC instead of Nebraska ?

Hi Kumar,

I thought Nebraska will accept petitions only for Extension and Amendments. Is this not true?

Yes, you are right. But, if it is filed by same employer, they can still file it as extension or amendment…then it would go to Nebraska

Same employer but it is not kind of extension or amendment. It is a fresh HNSC (H1 not subject to Cap). That’s why wanted to ensure if it is filed at the correct center.

If it is filed by same employer, it will go to Nebraska. You can call it Extension or Cap exempt or Fresh, it does not matter…

Thanks a lot Kumar… your word gave me lot of relief… now the other problem am facing is the receipt number in email. Though I opted for premium, my employer not yet received receipt number in email. Normally we used to receive within one day of submission… that’s y I got worried that my petition would have been rejected and sent back due to incorrect center… It’s been more than 4 days from date of filing now…

What state is the main office of your company located in ?

Illinois… as per the rule if the primary office is at Illinois it should go to Nebraska but I was worried if Nebraska accept H1 new under cap exempt

Yes, it is correct. Check this link, if you have not, USCIS I-129 Addresses. It clearly tells that…dont worry too much…sometimes, it may take time…

Thanks Kumar… your words are giving me lot of confidence… let me hope for the best…

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