H1B cap exempt case - Unique situation

Hi - I am having a very unique situation, any guidance would be helpful. I was in US till 2008 worked with an employer on H1 B, prior to that i was a MS student. During 2008, i relocated back to India due to personal reasons. Working for the parent company of the same employer.

Now this year in 2013, that same employer is filing for my H1 again in Premium Processing, my unique issue is that during the past 5 years I have visited countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, UAE for religious purpose.

Now my question is given this background, what are my chances of H1 B visa approval at the US Consulate, I would be mostly going to the Mumbai consulate for my interview? Is this a strong case for a 221(g)? Or this would be denied?

Appreciate any responses or comments.

You seem to have a common muslim name. So yes, you may run into issues. There is no way to say w/ certainity, but its better to go for stamping early so that you have some buffer window in case of delays.

It won’t be denied b/c of your visits, but probably just delayed w/ 221g.