H1B Cap Exempt - Applied 2 months ago and wondering when I will hear back

Hi all,

I have been working for Dept of Education with my OPT and it will expire in late july. I applied for H1B Cap Exempt visa in April and my case was received on April 17th. I have not heard back from USCIS and I am worried about getting my visa on time as I am planning to travel oversees in July.

My question is that do you guys think I need to apply for premium processing? I have only 4 weeks left and I really want to travel this summer.

Thanks for your answers in advance.

Did you get your receipt confirmation?

Yes I have received the receipt confirmation and I have been checking the status since then. It still says case was received. no other update so far.

In that case you should definitely bump it to premium. However the premium clock is also stopped - for the next week or so I believe.