H1b Cap Exempt, 2007 Petition, Not Stamped,

I have a question with regard to my existing H1-b Cap.

One of the previous Employer (Say Company A) filed H1-B for me in April, 2007 and I got approval in October, 2007. I got I-129 and I-797 Documents. My petition was valid from 01-Oct-2007 to 13-Aug-2010.

However, my H1-b never got stamped and I left this company in May, 2008, so they may not have cancelled the petition till that date, however I do not know whether they have cancelled it or not.

Now my present employer (Say company B), and wants to file H1-B for me.

Can I use the same cap and utilize non-exempt category ? IF so then what is the last date till the time I can utilize it to get it stamped ? How much will I get to work in U.S.A. ?


U are not Cap-Exempted… Cap-Exemption can be applied till 6 years of Approval… Ur Cap-Exemption chance expired last year