H1B Cap Calculation


I was entered in US in 2007 and left the US in 2008 Dec in H1 - Stayed 1 Y 8 Months.

In 2010 Mar back to US with L1B Visa and left the US in 2011 - Stayed 1 Y 6 Months.

In 2018 back to US with same H1 transfer with new employer that was filed earlier and currently in US.- 1 Y 2 months.

My question is how much CAP GAP is left on H1?. will L1B stay calculated as part of H1?

I would not call it cap gap…It is the H1B duration left. The total of H1B time is 6 years…You do the math. Yes, L1 is counted towards that total time of H1B as well.