H1B Cancellation and New application


I was got a H1B in 2011 but had to return after 6 months on personal grounds. I understand that my employer has cancelled my visa soon after. My SSN also stands cancelled. I spoke to a few recruiters now and find that a fresh H1B is almost impossible as my previous one was cancvelled before time. Is it true? Is there any way I can get a job in the US in 2013-14 and travel again?

SSN cannot be cancled. It is for you to keep. If you return anytime to US, you can use the same SSN.

A new employer now needs to file cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) for you and submit copy of old approved petition to show that you have already made through the cap. Also, you need to submit payslips for those 6 months to show that you maintained legal status in US. USCIS will review the petition, and will approve/deny it. Once approved, you will have to go for visa stamping (assuming the previous visa stamp has been canceled by the old employer).

Does that clarify?

Thanks, Saurabh
My previous response seems to have been missed.
I checked my SSN - it appears to have been disabled or invalidated, somehow! It is not showing up as valid on any of the online verification sites.
My past employers will not cooperate on transfer and there it stands! Any other options?