H1B- Biometric given outside nationality country


i had my H1b interview done in Singapore in 2021 and got 221g ,its been more than 6months no response. i got slot in India but do i need to provide again bio metrics or can directly go for US embassy interview.?

There is no point in going for a visa interview at another consulate if you already have an application pending decision at some other consulate. What did the 221g say?

I would just follow-up with the Singapore consulate where you applied.

Hi Kalpesh,

They said need some time for processing. Its been more than 6months with no response. if no response received post 180 days can we go for another slot of interview?

Please direct the question to VFS. As far as I know, if you have a pending application, applying again at a different consulate will not help.


Sure, Thank you Kalpesh.