H1B Beneficiary Confirmation Number

Please can anyone confirm if this is a valid beneficiary format number.


This is correct format but ask your employer to share registration copy and if your petition selected then ask for FORM-I-797C copy and confirm beneficiary are should be same on the both registration copy and I-797C form
Ref: https://redbus2us.com/h1b-2022-registration-lottery-results-sample/

Hi Vipul,

Thanks for confirming the format of the beneficiary number.

Here is the acknowledgement copy which I received from him

Beneficiary Confirmation Number: 2022-1f9a-2ddb-517b
Gender: male
Date Of Birth: 12-09-1982
Country Of Birth: IND
Country Of Nationality: IND
Passport Number: N7389487
Master’s Cap Eligible: No

Post lottery result, he shared the screen shot in which the status is “Submitted” and under the column action it is showing “N/A”. What does it mean?