H1b Automatic revalidation process -Experience

Greeting fellow H1B holders.
Here is my current status.

  • Have a valid unexpired Indian passport
  • Current stamped VISA expired (July 31st, 2019)
  • Current I797 (I94)valid till 05/31/2021
  • Have a valid US DL expiring 05/31/2021
  • Have a valid PR card of Canada

I am going to travel (land border crossing) to Canada due to support my family for a medical process for 5 days. I have read about the H1B automatic revalidation process and it looks straightforward and looks like I am qualified as stated here (CBP-Automatic revalidation)

So, based on the above information, I am seeking experience from fellow travellers who went to Canada for a short visit (not for stamping) without having a current visa stamp. Is it straightforward while returning back? Will the CBP officer asks for anything apart from passport and my work permit approval (i797). Do they need anything else?

Also, I am planning to do the land border (most likely by bus or rental card) crossing to Toronto from Buffalo.

your experience and inputs are most welcome.

It is straightforward, just make sure you do not give out your I-94 when you exit the country. pretty standard documents like your H1B documents.
I will let others add experience. But, it is pretty straightforward. Please do update the community here, once you have traveled and arrived back.

Thankyou, i did not understand this line “just make sure you do not give out your I-94 when you exit the country”. Did you mean I797 or the I94 form?
I am hoping on re-entry to the US they will just ask for I797 and not the I94?

I meant the I-94 slip that comes with Approval Notices . They will use your I-94 to re-validate your entry.