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I am on H4 visa in US currently and my H1b Petition was filed in my home country in April 2016 and this got approved on Sep 17 2016,and i dont know what step i should take inorder to set my career.

Having said that my H1B petition is Approved (USCIS status says “Case was Approved” and we will mail you the details)

  1. can we change from company x to company y here in US and try for a job? or
  2. Do we need to home country and change this as company X is not having any openings at currently in US as I dont see any opening coming for almost a year now?
  3. What if company X cancels my Petition? will i be still able for cap exempt any new new employer can file a new petition for me and I can still go ahead to US?
  4. When we say H1B Petition is Approved? does that mean I797 is approved?

Please suggest what should be the best option for me, if above queries are not as per what i think?

H1b candidate

  1. Yes, another employer can file a cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) for you.

  2. This can be done while you are inside US

  3. You would still be eligible for cap-exempt petition even if old employer withdraws their petition.

  4. Yes

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Respected Attorneys - I need your kind Help and valuable inupts on my H1B Case

I resigned a company in home country in October 2016 came on H4 in US in September 2016. I also got to know that my H1B petition which was filed by my employer in Home country in FY 2016 had below H1B status

  1. On September 2016 - H1B Petition was “Approved” with USCIS case status as “Case was Approved”
    2.On November 2016 - H1B Petition was “Revoked” with USCIS case status as “Revoke Notice Sent”

I ONLY had H1B Receipt # number with me and despite many requests my company didnt share the Petition Copy .This would have helped me to change/transfer to any other employer here in US. I intentionalyy didnt resign the company, but came to support famliy here. I am worried as on whats next step for me?

but today HR has shared my cancelled petition which says cancel and it was having date validity till 2019…

Request if anyone if they can guide me here… Am I Case Exempted? if i get any employer can i use the revoked H1B petition? My H1B visa was never stamped or activated but i came on H4 visa