H1B Approved Visa Stamping - no documents requested, Doubt?


I’ve been working on an L1A individual visa in the US in a reputed tech firm. Earlier this year, my H1B Cap was also approved with a consular notify. Various personal circumstances required me to stay in the country and I didn’t leave to activate my H1B. I decided to file for L1A individual renewal instead since that was possible without me leaving the US. My L1A PED and I-94 expiry date was Oct 2019 and I filed for renewal before that, however, my L1A renewal was first RFEd and then denied in the US. When I received my L1 denial, I left the country immediately and came to Chennai to activate my H1B

I visited the Chennai consulate this morning and had quite a curious situation. My visa interview lasted for less than 2 minutes and was not asked for any documentation whatsoever . The following are the sequence of events:

  • Reach the counter and requested for passport, which I hand over
  • Asked if I am here for my company visa renewal - to which I just replied 'Yes’
  • Asked my Job designation, company location, if I am employed full time, my salary and my tenure - all of which I answer
  • Asked if I have received a Labor Law booklet to which I reply "Yes’
  • Informed my visa was approved.

After I collected the approval slip and walked out, I started thinking if the question I was asked about my visa ‘renewal’ can cause any issues. I was technically not there for a renewal - I was there to activate and stamp my H1B visa that is a different category than what I was already on.

Question: Can this specific and unique situation lead to any issues for me for approval? There’s no way the officer assumed that I was there for an L1 renewal right? The sticker on my passport and all other details on their system would have displayed H1B and I may just be overthinking it. I am checking to see if I should make my plans to travel to the US or wait till I receive my passport.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Well, don’t worry. Yes, it is a subtle mistake you did…but, they probably looked at it as you already had visa with the company and now looking to renew the same, not worrying about category…
I can understand your anxiety, but do not worry. If they have collected your passport and given you the form of Labor Law, it should be ok.
I would suggest wait till you get passport in hand and then make plans. It should not take more than a week or so to get the passport. Also, do not worry, if you see the online status as Administrative processing, it is common to see that for the first few days :slight_smile:
Stay positive. Do update your status here, once you get your passport.

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Thanks so much Kumar. This puts my mind at ease. In situations where the visa has been approved, does the CEAC website get updated with the approval decision or would it say anything else?

It would say Issued, that’s it. See below


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