H1B Approved Petition, Visa not stamped, Need to find a employer


I have a valid and approved H1B petition starting from October,2015, however due to some issues the employer has stopped processing any LCA amendments. Hence no H1 Visa stamping done.

I wanted to know other possible options which can help me to be in US by DEC,2015.

Can I get some information where I can find employers who are seeking candidates with valid H1B petition.

If you have the currently approved H1B petition number or photocopy, you can find some other employer and file your H1b Transfer. Later on with that stamping you can travel.

I dont think its a good question to ask in any forums about the employers list, who can file or transfer H1B. because every one would have different opinions on each and every employer. So i would say its upto you to enquire and find a good one.

Thanks Jathin,

Can you tell me an approximate time it takes for H1 Transfer after I manage to find a reliable employer?

Do I need to submit all the required documents again?

  1. It depends on how they are filing like regular/premium
  2. Yes…you have to submit

Ok, if the new employers apply new H1 petition, however during this time if my current employers comes to know that I am quitting, is there any way that my current employer will withdraw the original(existing) petition?

They can withdraw the petition, but it won’t impact the cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) filed by the other employer.