H1B Approved Petition is going to Expire , Transfer Petition from Company A to Company B

Hi All,I stay in India. I have got a H1-B Approved Petition from a Company A in the year 2013. But for some reason I did not use on my H1-B Approved Petition for Visa Stamping. As per the H1-B petition, it’s going to expire by Oct 2016. I did not used for my H1B Approved Petition for Visa Stamping at all.

Now, I am planning to work in USA on H1-B Visa for Company B. Do I need to apply a fresh for the H1-B Visa through Company B and wait if for my petition to get approved in the new cap for the coming year (or) Can the Company B use my previous H1-B Cap and transfer the petition?

Please guide me.Thanks


B can file cap-exempt petition for you using A’s petition as reference. This what is loosely called as transfer.