H1b Approved only for 4 months

I got h1b approval notice on August 11 2016 with duration starting from Oct 1 2016 to Jan 31 2017 (just 4 months)

Due to high volume the consulate has noted 15 weeks of wait time for stamping and my employer says we need two months prior to expiry for stamping and denied my request for stamping. What should I do? Is there a way to change the date or extend before traveling?

In my i797 filing document the end date is mentioned as 06/15/2019.I am not sure why they provided approval for four months. ( my employer has created only a service request for this issue)I am not sure if there is option for review petition.

I would really need your help and assistance because my employer is not helping much.

You should get the petition extended first and then appear for stamping. If USCIS updates the expiration date as part of the SR resolution, then well and good; else go for extension.

hi, I have never travelled to US before, Can I apply for extension ?

Yes, cap-exempt petition (aka extension) can be applied even when you have not traveled to US yet.

Saurabh, how likely is my expiry date gets extended by SR ? Right now I am confused whether to stay in my current project till next feb/march for cap-exempt or to move to a new one.

If the expiration date was an error on USCIS side, then they should fix it through the SR. Usually SRs are addressed within a month or two. However, if USCIS consciously approved it for that term, then SR won’t result in an extension.

Was there a client letter submitted as part of your petition? If yes, then what’s the expiration date on that?

Hi, My employer received the response for SR saying “no change in validity dates” hence no extension.
My employer is not sharing any information regarding client letters etc. However I have my filing document . My manager says the project contract is till 2017 December.

USCIS has consciously given me the short dates due to some reason. Considering this situation can I wait till february in my current project and apply for cap exempt? will it be wise decision? as obviously they would be using the same project id and supporting document. Will I get short duration on CAP exempt request on current project?

Are you asking if you can wait until Feb, then file for cap-exempt petition and later appear for stamping. Yes, that could work as long as you have necessary documents.