H1b approved for in house project working in client

Hi my H1b got approved for inhouse project, invitation letter sent to uscis also mentioned only inhouse project. My LCA work location is my employer location. But I am working as government contractor from employer location. I am going for visa interview. This is my first h1 extension expiring in august 2020.

  1. Can I say I am working in two projects from employer location. one in inhouse project and another in government project from employer location
  2. Do i need amend my h1b petition for working in government project or new lca is required? My location has not changed for client project. Both are in same msa.
  3. what are the project document required for in house project?
  4. My client manager in government office would give same description and sign his signature with details in plain document not in government agency letter head for client letter. do I need client letter in letter head?
  5. Shall I say only in house project for a safe boat. Its product based company I do work in that project also.

@Kumar pls ans my question.

Well, I think your H1B says one thing and you are doing something different…You need to talk to your employer and attorney on this. You cannot be working for other company, if it is an internal project…It is violation of status, you need to file an amendment in such case.

As I said, you should talk to your employer and their attorney and get details on documents and how to handle it going forward…
My view is that you should file for amendment and then go for stamping using that, in that case, you will have the conviction to answer it confidently…

@Kumar Thank you for your reply.

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