H1B approved for Client A Loc A but stamping for Client B Possible?

Hi All,

I need some advise on my situation.

I am working in India and my H1B visa has been approved to work with a client in the NJ area. After the visa approval and before the stamping, my employer has asked me to go and work with a different client in the NY area (as my original client project got canceled). So, the client and the location are changing.

So, I will be going for my H1B visa stamping with a client letter and location different from what is in the petition. Is that OK or is it a sure shot denial case?

Do I need a new LCA or H1B amendment? My employer is not keen on doing them, and thinks that it should not be risky to go with the existing paper work.

Please give me some advise.



As far as I know, H1B VISA will be stamped for the employer in the petition approval notice. Hence you need to get your H1B petition amended with new LCA and client/project details and then go for VISA stamping.

Till very recently, they used to be ok with just a new LCA. But from the recent updates, you need a fresh H1B ammendment. :frowning: