H1b approved but not present in USA that time please help

I m in h4 and applied for h1 under premium process and travelled to India.After reaching India I came to know that my h1b got picked in lottery and approved with cos status.Now my employer is asking that I can travel in h4 visa back to US. And automatically my status will be changed to h1b in October I does not require stamping .please help whether I need to do steaming this moment or later

It doesn’t look correct. If you left US while H-1 was still pending, then it should not have been approved w/ COS.

Did you look at 797 to see if it has indeed been approved w/ COS?

If yes, then it is a mistake on part of USCIS and before juicing this mistake, it is best to run it by your attorney (not employer but attorney).

Thanks saurabh for ur reply.yes it’s approved with COS.if it’s Mistake by USCIS can I travel to US in h4 and then apply for COS before Or on October

Yes, you can enter US on H-4 and then apply for COS.