H1B approved but if got rejected in Stamping-VO interview then H1B status?

Hi Saurabh / Everyone.

If my H1b gets approved then next process would be interview with VO for Stamping,

Here is my Query: If stamping is denied (VO rejects my Visa). 

(eg:Let’s say, not for documents but for my mistakes for some questions like client address or client details etc...during interview process...)

1. What would be status of my H1B. Will it be still valid?

2. If yes for (1), Can I still go for stamping again with Cmp A ? Or is there, any time duration required for between both stampings.

3. Or better option-Can I do my H1b transfer with Company B and go for stamping for cmp B for different client?  

4. If yes for ( 2&3), Will the first rejection on stamping with Cmp A have any impact during my interview with VO for stamping by cmpB (will they refer why it got rejected 1st time) and my chances on it?.

Expecting your kind replies, 

Thanks in Advance for all your precious time in solving our confusions.
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  1. If a Visa is permenently rejected, Consulate may initiate an Administrative Revokation with the USCIS and it may not be vaild.

  2. It depends, if it was not subject to Admin revokation

  3. Yes, thats a better option

  4. Depends again, if the rejection is based on your background, YES


Saurabh, Any Comments from your side.
Awaiting for your kind reply


Under what cases consulate may initiate Admin Revocation?