H1b approved , but I m not in India.

Hi Experts.

I’ve attended )1b interview and received a221g. Upon submitting all the documents !I received a mail to submit my passport for further processing.

Asked my emploeyer and he says it is approved and submit passport for stamping.

My problem is. I m not in India now and not returning in next 3-4 months at least.

My question. Is it ok to have the stamping done after 3-4 months or is it a problem.

Please help me here.

Thanks in advance.



Contact the consulate and let them know about your situation. Then submit your passport after you return to India.

Hi thanks for you response.
I sent a mail to embassy and they said I can submit my pp within 1 year from the date I received a mail from the .
But if I delay will they come back asking for any additional docs?

I don’t think so. They should have already done all that by now.