H1B applied from India. No US travel history. Got 221g


I got H1 approval for in house project in Dec,2020 and attended in person interview in Feb 21 at Chennai, India. VO verified I797, Passport, Employment letter. Answered all general questions but later VO took some time and discussed something with other person. After 10 min VO took copy of I797, Passport and issued 221g white slip. On the slip, it was mentioned ‘Your application is refused for administrative processing. The application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete.’

I am sending emails to consulate but receiving only generic response every time.

Please help what’s the next step that I can do. Can I apply for NIE and book another appoint.
If yes, what’s the process.

P.S: I have H1 approval till March,2022 only.


Unfortunately when a 221g is issued you dont have any options other than wait to hear back from the consulate.