H1B application status changed to 'Document was Mailed'

@basislife my petitioner haven’t received the documents yet.

@basislife Yes, it is fresh H1B application. I had a status change from "document mailed to case transferred few days ago. I never received a document, while my case status was "Document was Mailed ".

Hello Guys,

Thought to inform you that I had received an update from my petitioner that USCIS has mailed the Receipt Notice again to attorney.

Do you guys have any different update for “Document Was Mailed” status ?


Thanks @basislife for informing us. I have been hearing the same thing from my petitioner however haven’t received the physical notice after 30 days of status change. Employer is planning to request uscis to resend the document.
Did you receive the hard copy of the receipt letter?

Yes @FreshH1b2019, my employer was informed by attorney that a duplicate receipt notice has been received again but not sure why such notice sent now from USCIS after 3 months long waiting from the date of filing. Please keep us posted if you guys received any updates.

I got receipt notice again(was expecting approval notice)… but status still as document mailed… :frowning:

I got approval notice. But, status still is “Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction”. I think, the process is faster at EAC compared to WAC.

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Wow. Congratulations man… good to hear this.

@ FreshH1b2019 Thanks Man. Yeah, It was great news to start a day with.

Today my H4 extension status changed from Finger prints received to “Document Was Mailed”.
However, I-129 status is still “Case Was received”

The processing center is CSC and its been just 58 days from the date of application receipt and Regular processing.

Finally my Case status moved to below

New Card Is Being Produced

On August 12, 2019, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number WACxxxxxxx and will mail it to the address you gave us. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

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@redbus123 is this status related to H4 EAD?

Hello Kumar, I have a question for you. Since you provided solutions to most of the questions on this forum, I believe you have a solution to my question too. Thanks in advance.
Now my question is, I have an H1B approval notice with a start date as OCT 1st, 2019. But, I still have valid STEM OPT till DEC 15th, 2019. The company I work for now and will be working for on H1B is the same. I want to use all my OPT STEM timeline and then start H1B from DEC 16th, 2019. I am allowed to do it?

@kannareddyhari, if you have filed it as COS, then you cannot use it. If you filed your H1B as Consular processing, then you can…

Thank you Kumar for your reply.

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Document Was Mailed staus changed from RFE for first time H1B. Fingers crossed.

Not sure. thing is diplomatic way refusing visa by CSC(USCIS)

Please post here if any got approvals with this status for h1b from CSC