H1B application in security check after RFE and PP upgrade

Hi Friends,

I applied H1B for the FY2016 with case EAC15144****** and it went to RFE in 2015 July and RFE response received from oct, 2015.

we upgraded to PP in Mar, as response not given in 15 working days as we contacted USCIS and came to know application under security check , since Mar 2016. with the below status.

Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was EmailedCan any one has an idea how long it will take to get the result for the security check application

Thank you.

Unfortunately, applications stuck in security check don’t have any SLA and there is nothing you can do to expedite the process.

Did they refund the PP money or kept it?


Thanks Saurabh. PP refund has been initiated by my consultancy.

Hi hopefully, my case is same as yours. But I have not upgraded to PP yet. Last service request confirmed that it was in security check?

What are my options? I am waiting since last October like u. What happened to your case?