H1B and I797B


I am working in company A and they had initiated H1B in april 2014 and it was selected and I have got I797B form with me now.

Due to some personal reasons I am quitting A and joining B company.


  1. Will it be possible to use my I797B for my next travel from company B? My stamping is not done yet from Comapny A

  2. Do I need to inform my company A about this transfer?

  3. At what level it is able to transfer the visa?

  4. Will it be ‘out of cap’ in the future travel request

Since I am new to this process, kindly guide me.


  1. Yes, Emp B can consider your H1 and transfer to them.

  2. You dont need to inform them.

  3. Emp B can transfer the Visa through Cap exemption category.

  4. Once it is done, you will receive new I797 with the emp B. thenyou can go for stamping with Emp B details.

Hope this helps. and your emp B is fully supporting you with the above.Get a buyin from them.