H1B and H4 Transfer

Last week my husband changed to new Employer with Company A, they did his H1 in premium processing got approved and valid till 2025, the new Employer told they wont do H4 (my current H4 is valid till 2023 Dec with previous Employer). Now my husband got another fulltime opportunity with company B(but they will start H1 transfer after 2 or 3 months only), we are planning to take that new company. My question is; do I need to apply H4 with company A and then only need to apply to company B orelse can I directly apply to company B. Please advise.

H4 is independent of employer, so you may choose to file extension of status for H4 along with the H1B transfer with company B or just wait until 6 month of your expiry and file the H4 EOS in July 2023.

Thanks for your reply. What to do if previous Employer revoke my husband’ s H1? In that case will H4 will become out of status?

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The revoke will happen after the transfer so as far as the primary H1B is in status, your current H4 will still be valid. If you want you may still go ahead with filing extension of status for H4 along with the H1B transfer.