H1B and H4 Situation with Travel - Lottery

Hi ,
Currently I am on H4 EAD and my H1B got picked in Lottery. employer applied my h1b as COS. What will happen if i travel to India after getting H1B approval notice ? I will have valid H4 visa to come back to US. In this scenario, what will happen to my H1B and COS ?

Only COS will be abandoned or it will affect my h1 too ?

Kindly advise !!

If you travel after your H1B approval, you will get a I-94 attached with the approval notice that has start and end date like below. So, technically you can travel out on H4 and re-enter on H4 visa and your H1B status will kick-in automatically from October 1st.


Thank you Kumar. Will my status change to H1B on OCT 1st regardless of whether I am IN US or not ?
When the COS will become void/abandon ?
Also is there any ways to stay in H4 ? I do not want to change to H1 on OCT as i have valid EAD :frowning:

Thank in advance :frowning: