H1b and H4 interview experience

We had our vac on 6th March and interview on 8th March in Mumbai.

At vac

Appointment time @ 11am: Reached by 10:15am with wife and 1.5year old kid. Security checked the appointment time and left us in immediately. No bag/ electronic gadgets allowed inside there is a baggage counter available for 500 rs. Took only 10 minutes in Vac

Asked for passport and Ds 160 form pasted a sticker on it captures finger prints

Interview @ 8.50am reached by 7.50am long queue was there waited outside by 8.20 left us in as we were with the kid we bypassed all the queues. For locker per electric Device 50rs is collected After security check we waited for few minutes then they called us directly in.

Counter42 : verified documents immediately to
Counter 36 : verified both of our finger prints
Counter 31 : Greeted the Vo
Vo: GD morning Give your documents and passports
Me: Handed over
Vo: who’s your client
Me : answered
Vo : who’s is your employee and what is your role?
Me : answered in 2 to 3 statement
Vo: where is ur client location and where will u stay in US
Me: answered
To my wife
Vo: How is your child doing and how old is he?
In between doing something in the computer and the golden words " visa approved u will get the passport in a week, handed over the white slip and us rights.

Don’t be panic relax answer in a loud and clear tone. Try to avoid carrying unnecessary baggage as it takes time to deposit in the counter