H1b and h4 Dropbox

Hello, I’ve been working with Yahoo since 2010, my h1 with Yahoo started in Oct 2011. Me and my wife attended visa interview in 2013 and got the stamping. My perm and i140 are approved in 2012, and also my first h1b extension approved in 2014, and started since Oct 2014. I’m currently visiting India and plan to get stamping through interview waiver.

My questions are

Can I apply through Dropbox even though my last stamping expired on September 30th 2014.If yes, can I submit the application on my wife’s behalf too, or should she be physically present (have to travel with a baby, hence the concern)While filling ds-160, it enquires about last 5 arrival dates how accurate should they be. While filling ds-160, in employment history for the past 5 years, how do I specify I’m with the same employer, the confusion is due to the fact that there is an end date that is mandatory to be filled.Do I need to submit i129 even if I have an approved i797. Paystubs and w2s will be enough or should I request employment verification letter from my employer.

From my past experience, answer for #1 & #2 is Yes (however I am not expert though)

  1. No. Interview waiver requirement is expired within last 12 months. Your visa was expired more than 12 months ago.

  2. Same as (1)

  3. As accurate as you can be. You can look at immigration stamps in your passport to get that

  4. Don’t mention anything there in that case as you only have 1 employer in work history

  5. Better to carry it but may not be required as you are working for a reputable company for a long time.