H1B and H4 Dropbox visa status Refused

I submitted my documents along with my wife’s for Dropbox stamping on 24th Aug the status changed to processing on 25th and then changed to Refused on 29th Aug. There has been no communication since then. I even visited the OFC passport pickup center last week and was told that the passport is still with the Embassy.

After researching online, it seems like the “221g administrative processing” is now being called “Refused” status. We both are stuck in this situation and not sure what we should do. Any pointers?

I created multiple requests in the visa appointment portals but never received any responses. I am now considering creating an emergency request for business travel reasons and hoping that it will help in expediting the process. Any thoughts on this?

Here is the status

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi any thoughts on this?

Any thoughts on this?

Did you receive 221g?