H1B and H4 Drop box

Hi All,
I have submitted documents for me H1 and my spouse H4. I got an email asked to come for visa interview but wife didn’t get email. I sent an email to embassy asking same thing . I got a reply saying that only principal applicant can attend the interview. Anyone please tell me how my wife will get her passport?

Ok so looks like both of you submitted documents & passport via dropbox appointment and you are being called for interview however your wife seems to have got interview waiver. Once your interview is done and visa approved, consulate will also stamp H4 in your wife’s passport and you should get an email to pick it up from the pickup location or will get mailed to you, based on what you signed up for.

Thank you for quick response

Hello ,
I am eligible for waiver but still when booking dropbox appointment, i got OFC and consular appointment.
could i book dropbox appointment again.?
Should i have to cancel the current appointment and book again.?

Appreciate your reply.


You may cancel and try again however it may just delay your stamping if you dont find the appointment early enough.


I am trying to book my dropbox appointment as well and it says no appointments available. how long did it take you to get an appointment?

We need to keep looking and no other shortcuts afaik. One fine day and time the slots will open up :slight_smile:

It took only a few mins only to book an appointment.

Even I am not able to get an appointment. It says no appointments available at any of the 5locations
(I am eligible for interview waiver)

I have the similar issue. Me , my husband and my son are eligible for the Dropbox but when we tried to book the appointment the slots were showing in person interview appointments. We booked it for the March 17 and March 20, 2023. in the impression that it is for Dropbox, but now we came to know that it is in person interview.
Is it possible that we can convert it to Dropbox?
Is it possible that one of the appointments can be given in our nearest center to avoid visiting mumbai two times?


Can someone please advise?