H1B and H4 Clarifications



My H1B petition has been approved in May, 2015. But I was unable to go for stamping due to personal reasons. My petition expiry is Dec 2016 and I am planning to initiate the stamping process along with H4 for my son. I need to endorse my spouse name in my passport so that I can take my kid along with me. I had been working in US from Jan 2013 till May 2014 with my current employer.

My questions:

Need to apply passport for my son. My passport holds my parents’ address. Should I update my address as that of my husband so as to match with that of my Son?Is it ok to change my passport details now as the petition is approved based on my old passport (expiring Sept, 2017)?I am working for a different project now because of which I need to submit an amendment. Would this be questioned?Please help me with your comments.

Thanks in Advance!

I have answered your queries below

  1. Yes, this is needed because of a law in India that relates to kidnapping of minors. Your son’s passport risks getting stuck in investigation otherwise. Does not apply if you, your husband and son are all living at the address in your passport; then changes are not needed.

  2. Yes, this should not be a problem, USCIS does not care about passport data.

  3. No, amendments are standard and will not be questioned.

Thank you Shankar for your quick response