H1B Amendment when client, location and designation changed outside USA


I came to India during pandemic situation due to family emergency.
I was working for US client from India home.
Now 2 changes happened

  1. The client I was working in US has changed and I need to work with different client, different location outside MSA
  2. I was also promoted during this period.

Now I’m ready to go back to USA as my new client do not want me to work from India.
Also I will be required to work from USA home for at least 4 months.

My doubt is do I need to file an H1B amendment before I fly to USA?
Or I can still go to USA and work from home location mentioned in current LCA until 4 months?

If not can I start working for new client immediately after reaching USA?

Will there be question asked at port of entry about my client location etc?