H1B Amendment WFH post I-94 expiry

Hi All,

So here is my situation, my i-94 expired a couple of months back. I’d filed an extension + amendment (client location change) 1 month before expiry. The same is penning with USCIS.

But due to the ongoing pandemic, I continued to work from my home in the current location (this was approved by employer and client).

Now my employer’s immigration team is saying that since my i-94\petition has expired I can’t continue to work from my current location and I’d need to move to the new location as per the amendment and start WFH there.

What are my options if I want to continue to work from my current location, my client is fine with it.

Any insight will be much appreciated.

Well, your options are to file another amendment to work in the same location. But, the problem is you do not have the other approval, so it will be difficult.
The best thing to do is apply for premium processing and then get decision soon on it, so that you can do another amendment.

@Kumar, Thanks for your response.

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