H1B amendment - processing time

Hi all,

My h1b petition is approved till 2024.Meanwhile I got promoted & my salary was increased to a significant amount .
My company is going to file H1B amendment for this.
My question is -

  1. What is the processing time for H1B amendment?Does USCIS accept premium processing for amendment ?
  2. Can I go for stamping on old petition & later on apply for amendment ?Would it be legal ?
    Thanks in advance

PP is available otherwise it may take 4-6 months.

Note that a promotion that involves a job title change and an increase in salary does not necessarily require an amendment unless there has been a significant change in job duties. Hopefully your immigration lawyers have already done the due diligence and determined that you need amended H1B?

Yes you can go for stamping using existing petition provided your intent is to work on same position at the time you enter back. Otherwise you can do PP for amendment and carry the new approved I-797 for stamping.

Thanks Kalpesh…Will go with premium processing.

Does H1B amendment require restamping? My visa is valid till Dec 2023 and my employer file an amendment because i am
Working from home. Do I need restamp the visa with new amendment petitions If I travelled back to india and come back to US.

No. You can keep using your existing valid H1B visa to travel back to the US.